Do Not Miss Your Mission.

Outline for the sermon preached on February 26, 2017, entitled “Do Not Miss Your Mission.”


  1. TITLE: Do Not Miss Your Mission.
  2. TEXT: Jonah 4.
  3. God does not change.
  4. We can change.
  5. God is just waiting for you to turn.


  1. The children of God still need the grace of God (Jonah 4:1).
    1. After all this, Jonah is still broken.
    2. His actions were right. His motives were wrong.
    3. I still need the grace of God!
  2. God is gracious! (Jonah 4:2).
    1. God forgave the people of Nineveh.
    2. God wishes to forgive everyone.
    3. God is more forgiving of us than we are ourselves.
  3. We love our comfort more than God’s cause (Jonah 4:9).
    1. We love ourselves more than God’s people.
    2. God illustrates Jonah’s lack of priority with the gourd.
    3. Jonah was upset about the death of a weed but not the death of the people.
    4. How long has it been since you gave up yourself for God and for others?
  4. God’s mission is to have a people of mission.
    1. Stay in the place where God keeps working on you.
    2. Do not miss your opportunity to be included in the story of God.
    3. You are the message.
    4. Do not let the big one get away.


  1. PRAYER.