Outline for sermon preached on April 28, 2019 by Associate Pastor Greg Begley entitled Family Traditions.


  1. Lifestyles of the rich and famous!
  2. Proverbs 22:2.
  3. No matter what you accomplish, everything ends in death.
  4. Hebrews 2:14-15.
  5. This is why we must have Easter!
  6. John 1:4-5.
  7. The fulfillment of Christianity is life not death!
  8. You need a relationship with God!


  1. Now life.
    1. God gives meaning to the here and now.
    2. God answers the why question.
  2. New life.
    1. We bury things that have no life.
    2. Life is a series of sunsets and sunrises.
    3. Jesus is the ultimate optimist.
  3. Never ending life.
    1. Don’t skip dessert.
    2. God wants to make your joy eternal.
    3. If it all ends in death, is that the end?


  1. PRAYER.