Sermon Outline preached on October 7, 2018, for our Tailgating Service entitled “GoAll.”


  1. Have you ever been lost in life?
  2. Sadly, our games have goals but our lives do not.
  3. A goal is the end toward which effort is directed.
  4. The call of the goal.
  5. TEXT: Luke 14:28-32.
  6. When lost, the first thing you do is type in your destination.


  1. Everyone.
    1. You have a goal whether you pick one or not.
    2. If you do not decide, life will decide for you.
  2. Desire.
    1. Be honest about what you want.
    2. All things are created twice.
  3. Build.
    1. Anyone can tear things down.
    2. Desire to build something.
  4. Sit down and count.
    1. Take time to think.
    2. Take time to listen.
  5. Enough.
    1. With God, you have what it takes.
  6. Heaven is our goal.


  1. PRAYER.