Make Your Worship Personal.

Outline for a sermon preached on September 30, 2018, as part of the “Hand On Religion” series entitled “Make Your Worship Personal.”


  1. To be effective, Christianity must go from theoretical to practical.
  2. Text: Acts 11:27-12:1.
  3. We all need personal touch.
  4. A personal touch makes all the difference.
  5. James 3:10.
  6. What we will remember is how people made us feel.


  1. Difficulties will arise.
    1. You will have “these days.”
    2. God knows what you are going through.
    3. We need the touch of God.
  2. Determine to encourage.
    1. Encouragement is the choice of the mature.
    2. What comes natural is not always the best.
    3. Blaming looks to the past.
    4. Criticism looks to the present.
    5. Encouragement looks to the possibilities.
  3. Do your part.
    1. You cannot do everything.
    2. You cannot do their thing.
    3. You can do your thing.
  4. Deter the negative.
    1. Do not facilitate the tearing down.
    2. Do not participate in the tearing down.
    3. Tear down the tearing down.


  1. PRAYER.