The Call of God.

Outline for a sermon preached on February 5, 2017, entitled “The Call of God.”


  1. God would be telling you to do something.
  2. We refer to this as “The Call of God”
  3. TEXT: Jonah 1:1.
  4. The call of God dissects our lives.
  5. The call of God comes from above.
  6. The call of God pulls us upward.
  7. Our life is the message.


  1. God still calls people (Jonah 1:1).
    1. God calls people personally.
    2. God calls people scripturally.
    3. God calls people persistently.
    4. God calls people independently.
  2. You cannot sit and do the will of God (Jonah 1:2).
  3. We many times disobey the call of God (Jonah 1:3).
    1. It will always cost you when you leave God.
    2. Down is the only direction from the presence of God.
    3. We all struggle with disobedience.
  4. God will put things in your way as you try to run (Jonah 1:4).
    1. God prepares everything to prepare the person.
  5. Your disobedience will affect others (Jonah 1:5).
    1. Who is depending on you?
    2. People not in the will of God will stir up trouble.
  6. Will you answer the Call?


  1. PRAYER.