Outline for a sermon preached on May 13, 2018, entitled “Uncrowned Queens.”


  1. Our nation is being overran by an Occupational Force!
  2. Our institutions are at the mercy of your parenting.
  3. Our tomorrow is being fashioned by our mothers of today.
  4. TEXT: 1 Kings 14:21, 15:1-2.


  1. Queen of the Nation.
    1. The West was won by Women.
    2. We need to build Momuments.
    3. Do everything you can to make your mother smile.
    4. The Wisdom of W.R. Wallace.
  2. Queen of Encouragement.
    1. Mom is another word for crazy.
    2. Your mom will always be your biggest supporter.
    3. Mom’s want to go to their child’s every game.
    4. Love your mom while you can.
  3. Queen of Godliness.
    1. Jennifer is the greatest spiritual influence on our children.
    2. Matthew 20:20-21.
    3. Dad’s want to beat the devil out of their children.
    4. Mom’s want to love Jesus into their children.
    5. Mom asks nothing for herself.
    6. Mom asks only for her kids to be close to Jesus.


  1. PRAYER.