Outline for a sermon preached on July 16, 2017, entitled “Why We Need Revival.”


  1. We all want an Everlasting Gobstopper.
  2. In this life nothing lasts forever.
  3. We all have seasons of life and spirit.
  4. TEXT: Acts 3:19-20.
  5. Revivals are temporary moments when God invades the mundane.
  6. It is God…being God!
  7. I want a new God moment!
  8. We will all need CPR sometime.


  1. We leak.
    1. We have all the grandeur of God in earthen vessels.
    2. Some revivals are wide-spread.
    3. Some revivals are personal.
    4. If Revival is not for the church it can be for you!
  2. We live.
    1. We do not try to get cold. We just do.
    2. We have enemies attacking.
    3. We have issues happening.
    4. When cares add up it is difficult to keep walking in the Spirit.
  3. We get lazy.
    1. Life is filled with ruts.
    2. Ruts are the enemy of revival.
    3. The Christian life is a dig.


  1. PRAYER.