Monthly archive for January 2017


Outline for message preached on January 22, 2017 entitled “GOALS!” INTRODUCTION Review: Go. Going. Go where? Teenagers in Berlin Subways. God never starts a journey before knowing His destination. TEXT: Deuteronomy¬†6:23. A goal is the result at which effort is directed. OUTLINE Goals will speak to you.

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Outline for sermon preached January 15, 2017 entitled “Going!” INTRODUCTION To get somewhere new, sometimes you just have to “Go.” To get somewhere new, you have to just keep going. The ones who finish are the ones who win. Hugh Glass. TEXT: Exodus¬†12:31&51. OUTLINE Things will get

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Sermon outline for a message preached on January 8, 2017 entitled “Go!” INTRODUCTION What are the first three letters of NEWS? __ __ __ We get tired of the same. We love the “New You” smell. TEXT: Exodus 12:1-6 Where is your Egypt? OUTLINE Guide (Exodus 12:1.)

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