Outline for a sermon preached on March 3, 2019, entitled “T-Ruth” as part of the series “Ruth-Less Christianity.”


  1. We need some old time lessons.
  2. This book teaches that God is still at work.
  3. This book teaches that you do not have to follow the trend.
  4. This book teaches that faith survives.
  5. This book teaches that God is concerned with our everyday life.
  6. Loyalty is the main theme of Ruth.
  7. Loyal servants bring Jesus to the world (Ruth 4:18-22).


  1. Difficulties are a part of life (Ruth 1:1-5).
    1. Failures do not preclude you being used by God.
    2. Setbacks do not mean that God is absent.
    3. Change of location does not mean change of situation.
  2. Difficulties do not last (Ruth 1:6).
    1. Genesis 8:22.
    2. The sun will rise again.
  3. Voices will tell us to not remain faithful (Ruth 1:7-13).
  4. What will you do? (Ruth 1:14).
  5. Love will tell you to remain loyal (Ruth 1:15-18).
    1. Ruth was loyal to her earthly family.
    2. Ruth was loyal to her heavenly Father.
  6. God is not finished with your story (Ruth 1:19-22).


  1. PRAYER.