Outline for sermon preached on March 10, 2019 entitled “Connections” as part of the series “Ruthless Christianity.”


  1. We need some old-time lessons.
  2. Circumstances are not always chance (Ruth 2:4).
  3. God uses circumstances of life to our advantage.
  4. Connections are when two different things come together to work for the betterment of both.
  5. Disconnection is the tool of the enemy.
  6. God will divinely direct servants (Ruth 2:2).


  1. Connections bring power (Ruth 2:1).
    1. Boaz means strength.
    2. We cannot do much when we lose power.
    3. God will direct you to people who can help.
    4. It’s not what you know but who you know.
    5. God is always looking to connect servants to leaders.
  2. Connections bring provision (Ruth 2:8-9).
    1. If there is lack in your life, God is moving you to connection.
    2. Always be willing to meet people.
  3. Connections bring purpose (Ruth 2:19-20).
    1. When men and women connect, a child can be born.
    2. Without this meeting, there would have never been a King David.
    3. We generally cannot be who we were meant without someone else.Learn to connect.
  4. Connections bring posterity.
    1. God wants to do something in you that lasts.


  1. PRAYER.