Monthly archive for February 2016


Outline from message entitled “Forgiveness” preached on February 21, 2016. INTRODUCTION We all suffer with guilt. Guilt is like the hashbrown in the fast-food breakfast world. 2 Corinthians 7:8-10. Do not try to get rid of the guilt. Seek to remove the cause of guilt. You cannot live

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Notes from a message preached Feb. 14, 2016, entitled “Acceptance” in the series “Well, Well, Well.” INTRODUCTION I preach to people on the way side. We lose our song way too often and way too early. Hagar’s name means stranger Rejection is one of the greatest hurts

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Love That Serves

Notes from a message preached on January 31, 2016, entitled “Love That Serves” in series “The Goal of the Gospel” INTRODUCTION Love must be expressed to truly be love. TEXT: Galatians 5:13. Usefulness is the measure of greatness in God’s kingdom. The greatest title a Christian can have is

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