Monthly archive for April 2017

The Reason for the Resurrection.

Outline for a sermon preached on April 16, 2017, entitled “The Reason for the Resurrection.” INTRODUCTION The Cross is the most recognized symbol in the world. A lot can happen in three days! But now it’s Sunday! The empty tomb is the symbol of the NT church.

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The Cause of the Cross.

Outline for a sermon preached April 9, 2017, entitled “The Cause of the Cross.” INTRODUCTION Before there can be a resurrection there must be a death. There are still some things that are holy. The cross in context. Mankind left God at the base of a tree.

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The Greatest Job You’ll Ever Love Part 2.

Outline for sermon preached on April 2, 2017, entitled “The Greatest Job You’ll Ever Love Part 2.” INTRODUCTION The first family was a troubled family. TEXT: Genesis 4:1-2. Family is never perfect. Family can be helpful or harmful. Being a family is work. OUTLINE The Two Key

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