Notes from a message preached on January 31, 2016, entitled “Love That Serves” in series “The Goal of the Gospel”


  1. Love must be expressed to truly be love.
  2. TEXT: Galatians 5:13.
  3. Usefulness is the measure of greatness in God’s kingdom.
  4. The greatest title a Christian can have is servant.
  5. Jesus was the first undercover boss.
  6. In the church, leaders will always be disguised as servants.


  1. Our faith changes our eternity.
  2. Our faith challenges our mortality.
    1. Christianity that does not push you to serve is not Christianity.
  3. Our vision as a church.
    1. Who we are.
    2. Where we are.
    3. Where we are going.
  4. What you can do.
    1. Pray.
      1. Pray for your church leaders.
      2. Pray about what you can do.
    2. Be honest about your ability.
    3. Try to better yourself.
    4. Find some place to serve.
      1. No one can do everything.
      2. Everyone should do something.


  1. PRAYER.