A Second Chance.

Sermon outline for message preached on February 12, 2017 entitled “A Second Chance.”


  1. You thought the story was over but is it just beginning.
  2. We all need a second chance because we all make mistakes.
  3. Failure is an event, never a person.
  4. You can overcome your failures, your sins and your past because God still has mercy.
  5. You are facing west but God is facing east.


  1. Pray – Jonah 2:1-2.
    1. Stop and ask for directions.
    2. God is still personally concerned about you.
  2. Start where you are – Jonah 2:3-6.
    1. God allows U-Turns anywhere.
    2. Be honest with who you are, what you have done and where you are.
  3. Remember that substitutes never work – Jonah 2:8a.
    1. The things that took you down will not lift you up.
  4. Remember that love never fails – Jonah 2:8b.
    1. My hope is that God always loves me.
  5. Praise God before the deliverance – Jonah 2:9.
    1. The whale wasn’t a curse but a blessing.
  6. When you speak to God He will speak to what is holding you down – Jonah 2:10.
  7. God will use your life to glorify Jesus Christ – Matt. 12:39-40.


  1. PRAYER.