Outline of a sermon preached July 2, 2017, entitled “Living in the Capital.”


  1. Capital!!
  2. The capital is placed to make it accessible to most citizens.
  3. The Capital of God’s Kingdom is wherever the work is being done.
  4. God wants us to be a church which has future.
  5. God is not in the past (Matthew 22:32).
  6. Lessons from the playground.
  7. We want a heart that never stops! (Acts 13:22)


  1. God is always in Revival mode! (Acts 10)
  2. God moves to where people are moving.
    1. Text: Acts 11:18-26.
    2. Golf applause is not appropriate in the church.
    3. We mentally consent but do not missionally cooperate.
    4. God will not attend a sleeping church!
  3. Main street!
    1. Two kinds of people at the party:
    2. God wants to be in the middle of the action!
    3. Our motivation is to put ourselves in the place to have the greatest potential to reach the most people for Jesus Christ (Proverbs 1:20-22).
  4. Give God something new with which to work.
    1. God is not going to waste His Wine.
    2. Pray about Volunteer Sundays!


  1. PRAYER.