Outline for sermon entitled Radical Exclusivity preached on May 1, 2016


  1. In a world where everyone gets a trophy, exclusivity is seen as evil.
  2. Jesus makes some radical statements about Himself.
  3. TEXT: John 14:6.
  4. Some things seem crazy because the world has gone crazy.
  5. Why is there so much anger directed toward Jesus Christ?
  6. Why would anyone believe Jesus in the only way to our Creator?


  1. Jesus was a real historical figure.
  2. Jesus said He was God.
  3. Jesus acted like God.
    1. What did Jesus enemies say about Him?
    2. What did those who knew Him best say about Him?
    3. What did Jesus do?
    4. Jesus conquered the grave.
      1. Some conspiracies.
      2. The Roman soldiers stole Jesus’ body.
      3. The disciples stole Jesus’ body.
      4. The disciples died for this belief.
  4. If He is God, He should be obeyed.
    1. Get directions from one who has been there.
    2. There is nothing more important in your life than your relationship to Jesus Christ.
  5. What will you do with Jesus Christ?


  1. PRAYER.