Recognize His Glory!

Outline for sermon preached on December 2, 2018 entitled “Recognize His Glory!”


  1. How many of you have someone for whom you struggle to buy gifts?
  2. TEXT: Matthew 2:1-3, 9-11.
  3. God does not need you.
  4. Gold is a symbol of royalty.
  5. Gold was a sign they recognized the Glory of God.


  1. Our God is Eternal.
    1. Only our God has always been.
    2. Every effect has a cause.
    3. Our God is the only One worthy of worship.
  2. Our God is Everlasting.
    1. God will always be.
    2. Everybody likes to show up to the parties.
    3. God is with you…
  3. Our God is everywhere.
    1. God will always be with you.
    2. In reality, there are no holy places.
    3. No matter where my body is, I can find God.
    4. No matter where my soul is, I can find God.
    5. Call on God now.
  4. Our God is Ever-Benevolent.
    1. God does not help us because we are good.
    2. God helps us because He is good.
  5. What can you give God this morning?


  1. PRAYER.