Outline of sermon preached on December 9, 2018 entitled “Recognize His Ministry” as part of the series “What do you get the Father Who has everything?”


  1. Anyone here feeling the stress of the season yet?
  2. The Twelve Days of Christmas is a song of failure.
  3. TEXT: Matthew 2:1-3, 9-11.
  4. Gold represents Jesus as King.
  5. Frankincense represents Jesus as Priest.
  6. Frankincense was added to make moments special.


  1. Jesus was a preacher.
    1. Matthew 4:23.
    2. Jesus preached the “Good News!”
    3. Jesus preached “Power to Change!”
    4. Jesus preached to the poor (Luke 7:22).
  2. Jesus was a healer.
    1. How many of you are sick?
    2. Mark 2:17.
    3. You are really sick if you don’t think you are sick.
    4. Jesus can heal broken souls.
    5. Jesus can heal broken lives.
    6. Jesus can heal broken bodies.
  3. Jesus was a leader.
    1. Follow me.
    2. If you are lost, Jesus is the way.
    3. You do not need to come to church. You need to come to Jesus.


  1. PRAYER.