Sermon notes from “Suffer With Me” preached November 22, 2015


  1. Everyone loves to be invited to a party.
  2. Life is not always a party.
  3. Romans 12:15.
  4. We must learn to suffer with people.
  5. Compassion is for when you have been done wrong.
  6. We avoid pain by nature.
  7. TEXT: Luke 10:25-37.


  1. In life, things happen to us that we do not deserve.
    1. Life is cruel.
    2. Life will attack you at times.
    3. Life happens.
    4. Grief is the natural response to loss.
  2. People who should help, many times do not.
    1. God did not intend for you to experience life alone.
    2. The people of God should be the first to help.
    3. Many times we see the need but make excuses.
  3. Help comes from the unexpected.
    1. The Samaritan came to where he was.
    2. God’s real power is compassion.
    3. Compassion came before the oil and wine.
  4. You are the unexpected on whom the world is waiting.
    1. God has comforted us.
    2. We are to comfort others.
  5. How is your spleen?


  1. PRAYER.