Outline for sermon preached on November 27, 2016 entitled “Walk by Faith.”


  1. We now walk from “IN” to “BY.”
  2. Faith provides our steps where the others guide our steps.
  3. Abraham is called the father of the faithful.
  4. TEXT: Hebrews 11:8-9, 17-19.
  5. To have faith you must believe.
  6. To have faith you must act.
  7. Faith is trusting.


  1. Faith is trusting God’s Word – 11:8a.
    1. You must know what God said to believe what He says.
    2. You need selective hearing.
  2. Faith is trusting God’s Ways – 11.8b.
    1. God’s ways are above our ways.
    2. God can bring good out of bad.
    3. God can bring success out of failure.
  3. Faith is trusting God’s Will – 11.9a
    1. Promise means you do not have it yet.
  4. Faith is trusting God’s World – 11.9b
    1. Wherever He has me now is my home.
  5. Faith is trusting God’s Workers – 11.9c
    1. God will bring the people I need into my life when I need them.
  6. Faith is trusting God’s Wants – 11.17-18
    1. When God asks you for something, it is to give you something better.
  7. Faith is trusting God’s Wonders – 11.19.
    1. Faith is trusting God always has options.
  8. Faith is jumping in.


  1. PRAYER.