What’s Wrong with Right and Wrong? Part 2



  1. 100 years ago the greatest threats to our survival were from outside ourselves.
  2. There is evil in us.
  3. TEXT: Isaiah 5:18-20.


  1. The technicalities.
  2. Ethical systems: Egoism, Utilitarianism, Emotivism, Relativism.
  3. All moral philosophers and ethicists can be grouped into two major groups:
    1. Ethicists who believe morality is a human creation.
    2. Ethicists who believe morality is a not a human creation.
  4. The problem with the supposed progressive and modern morality.
    1. The modern morality has no foundation.
    2. The modern morality has no ability to distinguish within a context.
    3. The modern morality does not allow dissent.
    4. The modern morality seeks to divide and not unite.
  5. I am a natural law and Divine command deontological ethicist.
  6. Do not believe the hype.
    1. Live from a place of faith not fear.
  7. Understand everyone draws lines.
  8. Stay engaged.
  9. Stay respectful.
  10. It is better to obey God than man.
  11. How to make good moral choices.


  1. PRAYER.